Paula Cox divides her time between the woods, the beach, her dog's neck and Aldi. She's currently finishing her first solo album, but it's taken ages because she spent all her money on cheese in Aldi. 

She was the lead singer in The Bush The Tree & Me (they began at 14) with her three best girls and a fart-lighting hotshot drumgod called Jimi. They got a record deal by mistake in 2000, and recorded their first album on Epic with producer Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur, The Cranberries) and also recorded and performed with artists such as Graham Coxon (Blur), Henry Olsen (Primal Scream), Elbow and The Divine Comedy. They released two albums: How To Get Home and Mouthful Of Bees. 

Paula loves playing with microphones/mud/fire/animals/children and any musician who'll tolerate her dancing and tales of her and her dog. She recently performed with Cathy Davey (sister of mud, animals and dog tales) and she's a regular pain in the arse in Colm Mac Con Iomaire's eleven-piece live band.

Last year she sang on The Frames' first new track in a decade, 'None But I'. 

You'll find her making odd noises in theatre and choral productions as well as whooping and waving her arms around on account of being credited in film and documentary scores she sung in which nobody notices. Bless her.

She's pretty good at the music and the singing, but if that doesn't work out, she's rather handy with farm machinery.